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Kids can have fun & learn the Word of God ANY WHERE and at ANY TIME. Get ready for these downloadable, online video bible study lessons that teach children about Jesus Christ in a fun, engaging and interactive way! All you need is a smartphone, tablet or computer. Read the FAQ's below to learn more.

What if ALL physical church services were cancelled and all interaction had to be done online! Would the children still be able to learn the Word of God?

What would happen if all church services were cancelled and everyone had to stay at home? What if there was NO ONE available to teach the childrens' bible study lesson? How would the kids learn? How would you teach the lesson to them...if they're NOT at church?

What if there was a way that kids could learn about Jesus Christ and the Word of God at ANY TIME and ANY WHERE without even being in the same physical location. What if there was a way children could learn important foundational Christian principals of the Word of God…all while staying engaged and having fun too.

Introducing...the Dex Davis University: Online Video Curriculum Series! This virtual, online video series, based on the popular, award-winning  "Dex Davis: Child of God!" animated series, will teach the Word of God to children in a whole new, power-packed way! These "plug n' play" video bible lessons will teach kids (ages 4 - 11) about Jesus Christ and the Word of God at home, in the car, at your church, or wherever you go. This affordable series is perfect for small groups, home-schooling, sunday school, vacation bible school (VBS), children's church, and anywhere else you want to teach God's Word. All you need is a smartphone, tablet, laptop or a desktop computer. Now they can have kids' church "on-the-go"...ANY WHERE and at ANY TIME! 

Watch This Sample Lesson Video!

Dex Davis University: Online Video Curriculum - Volume 1

Have "Online Kids' Bible Study" ANY WHERE and at ANY TIME!

Dex Davis University: Online Video Curriculum - Volume 3

Have "Online Kids' Bible Study" ANY WHERE and at ANY TIME!

Dex Davis University: Online Video Curriculum - Volume 2

Have "Online Kids' Bible Study" ANY WHERE and at ANY TIME!
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The "DDU Virtual Experience" is a series of dynamic, live-streaming events that keeps kids excited and engaged with animation, video, music, and interactive games to teach the Word of God in a brand new powerful way! 


The "DDU Teacher's Coaching Series" helps teach and train children's church staff/leaders how to grow and expand their kids' ministry...while teaching the Word of God and keeping the children engaged and excited about Jesus!

The "Dex Davis University" Video Curriculum Series...Just push play & learn!

Each series has Six (6) complete lessons. Each lesson contains: 
  • A downloadable, engaging, fun and interactive video with live-action teaching, games and animated cartoon segments from the “Dex Davis: Child of God!” cartoon series.
  • You also get password access to your own "channel page" where you can watch all the videos on any device at any time...without downloading any videos. 
  • Downloadable “Activity Worksheets” with discussion questions, puzzles, coloring pages, word search and more!
  • 6 - Lesson Plans (For Teachers Only)

If you can't print the .pdf activity worksheets for the kids, there's a FREE application that you can download onto your Android smartphone or tablet so they can write and draw directly onto the device's screen!
 It's called "Write on PDF" and you can download it here. 

What children will learn in this lesson series:
  • The importance of prayer and reading the Word of God every day
  • Who the Holy Spirit is and how they can live victoriously...even as young children.
  • Obedience to God...and to their parents and/or guardians.
  • Salvation through Jesus Christ
  • How to share Jesus with others.

What People Are Saying!

The Dex curriculum is very easy to use, and it really keeps the kids engaged and excited. It's awesome! 
LaShonda Johnson - Children's Ministry Director, Atherton Baptist Church (Los Angeles, CA)
We are so grateful for Brother Horace Christain and the "Dex Davis: Child of God" Curriculum! Dex is relatable to the children and is teaching the untainted word of God. No gimmicks, no tricks just Jesus! Dex Davis is kid-captivating, parent-pleasing, bible-believing, Jesus-teaching! OOOH, that's Dex Davis! 
Monya Brown - Children's Ministry Director, Boone tabernacle COGIC (Kansas City, MO)
I have a 6 and a 10 year-old and they quote Dex Davis lines all day! This curriculum is an excellent resource that keeps kids growing in Christ while having lots of fun! 
Dwight Shawrod Riddick II - Senior Pastor - St. Mark MBC (Portsmouth, VA.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this curriculum for?

The "Dex Davis University" video curriculum series is perfect for churches, Christian Schools, parents, children's daycare facilities, Christian camps, homeschools, Vacation Bible School programs & more!

What is the general age range of the students?

The general target age is children from 4 through 11. However, kids younger and older will also have fun and stay engaged by the interactive video lessons and activity worksheets.

Will I have to replace the curriculum that I'm already using?

This very affordable and flexible bible lesson series is NOT designed to replace your existing children's curriculum...but to be a great additional supplement to what you're already using.  

What do I get?

You get 6 lesson videos, 6 "Teacher's Lesson Plans" (.pdf's), and 6 downloadable activity worksheets (.pdf's) that you can use in TWO different ways:
1) Download the lesson video files (.mp4) that you can add to your online livestream broadcast...or play stand-alone.
2) You also get password access to your own "channel page" where you can watch all of the lesson videos on any device at any time...without having to download any of the lesson videos.

Can I add the lessons to my online livestream broadcast?

Yes, just upload the .mp4 lesson video(s) as part of your online livestream broadcast. You can also make the "Activity Worksheet" .pdf files available for download on your platform.  

I don't have an online livestream broadcast, how can others watch the lessons??

You get a link to your own "channel page" where all the lesson videos and worksheets are. Just email or text the page link to everyone that you want to watch the lessons...then they'll create their own username and password so they can log-in at any time.

Do I need someone to "teach" the lesson?

No, you don't need someone to be physically present to teach the lessons. Each lesson is a complete, self-contained children's church session. However, if you prefer to have a teacher, that can easily be done. Just push play and learn. 

Are there lesson plans for teachers?

Yes, each individual lesson has a "Teacher's Lesson Plan" (for teachers only) that you can download.

How long are the lesson videos?

The length of the lesson videos vary between 23 - 30 minutes.

If I have a question or if I need help, how can I contact you?

We're happy to answer any questions you may have about the curriculum. Just email us at support@dexdavis.com and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Thanks for stoppin' by!

My name is Horace Christian Jr., but you can just call me HC. I’m the Co-creator, Writer, Animator and Producer of the “Dex Davis: Child of God!” animated series. Get ready to have fun and learn about Jesus Christ and the Word of God!